asked May 22 '15 at 03:05 by MJ (501)


When I created my bitwig account for the first time, I chose a username X during registration

Then I changed this username X to a username Y inside my account (online)

But the problem is : when saving a Preset inside bigwig, by default, I get the username X instead of username Y ... Is there a workaround so I can change the username ?

Difficult, but possible. You might try with a binary(!) text replacer that can act upon multiple files. This is rather easy if you're on Linux - its got all tools for that onboard. Be careful and make backups if you're working on important presets.

I think we have something on our wishlist to make this easier but that is probably not coming in the short term.

Please respect them and do not modify/alter the works of other people without their permission.


answered May 22 '15 at 15:20 by riot ♦♦ (1.8k)

edited May 22 '15 at 15:21

Thank you for your answer,

My concern is not to change the CREATOR name after the fact for saved presets.

My concern is : When I press SAVE button, there is a creator name (pre-filled) which is my old username

So every time I want to save a new preset, I have to erase the old username and replace it by typing my new username in the Creator Field.


answered May 23 '15 at 04:15 by MJ (501)

OK I de-authorize it on my machine, and then re-authorized

Problem solved


answered May 25 '15 at 17:46 by MJ (501)

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