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Will you consider making the panning of stereo tracks similar to how Pro tools handles stereo content? This is the one thing that absolutely drives me crazy about ableton and logic and now bitwig, and is one of the main reasons I can't use them for proper mixing applications. We need the ability to control the left channel and the right channel independently of each other, having one knob to control the placement of two different channels is silly and very limiting. along with this request it would be amazing if you also made stereo content look like stereo content with two discreet waveforms for each channel, so we can easily tell what is a mono signal and what is a stereo signal at a quick glance. thank you very much for your time and consideration. you have an amazing product here that i would love to use exclusively due to its ease and workflow;-) if you could fix this it would make this a viable environment to mix in, and will also add sound design possibilities. -Spencer Blair (Gunslunglow)

But how often do you need that? Would you really rather live with a cluttered mixer all the time for the rare cases? We have device chain tools that can be used to achieve that.

If you really can't live without it, you can even split stereo signals out into multiple channels. Mose use cases for many of these requests are simply outdated because they only apply to analog mixing setups - not digital systems.

  — (Jun 11 '15 at 16:15) riot ♦♦

There is Mid/Side processing already, just put the Mid/Side tool in the chain of your channel. Of course there is no link to the "normal" Pan knob but you can just save your own macros in the Mid/Side tool set it as the primary device in the chain and control the Stereo field from any Midi-Controler. I also don´t think the normal Panning is limiting, however, I agree a graphical representation with two channels would be nice to distinguish Mono vs. Stereo containing tracks more obviously. But this could also get complicated in the end. If you for example use the Mid/Side tool +Delay to exploit the Haas effect to introduce Stereo like differences between the two Mono-channels, you will actually create a "real" Stereo track but the graphic representation will still show a mono track. About the concern of space being wasted by channels containing two Mono signals (@joergwessels); I think this is not the case. I am pretty sure that I did read somewhere that like in Ableton all tracks are handled as two channels anyway (since Mono in the end will also be played on both speakers. The only difference is that you can just control the levels of left and right, but the audio information will be the same on both speakers).


answered Jun 05 '15 at 11:12 by Ulrich (575)

I would also like to see both mid/side and dual mono capabilities, at least in the audio tracks.


answered Jun 03 '15 at 21:34 by bbarker3 (376)

Just add the Mid-Side-Split (without any devices in the chains) - there'll be indicators for mid / side.

  — (Jun 11 '15 at 16:17) riot ♦♦

I second that.

As to the visual representation of stereo material: If Bitwig's gonna address this they could show not the left and right but the mid and side of the audio. This way you could visually distinguish stereo material from material that just wastes space by being a two-channel file.


answered Apr 03 '14 at 00:18 by joergwessels (281)

I see 0 reason for two seperate faders. It's always going to be a ratio no matter how you do it so what exactly is "limiting" about having panning be controlled by 1 knob?


answered Jul 11 '14 at 06:41 by Andreilg (96)

I agree. Either that or incorporate groups similar to how they are in Ableton so I can make my project files more organized. Bitwig is showing some serious promise, and I am super happy to be switching to it as my main DAW here soon.


answered Apr 03 '14 at 03:37 by Fretless (11)

I like the mid/side idea but yea what exactly is so limiting about a ratio knob?


answered Jun 03 '15 at 22:17 by Andreilg (96)

Of course you are right, there is always going to be a ratio, however I think the issue may be independent gain adjustment on each track. With a ratio knob, it would seem harder to perform individual channel gain adjustments (as well as other processing) that would not cause for compensating adjustment in the other channel - you'd have to do almost everything with one hand on the ratio knob all the time. That's my concern - but I'm sure there are others. And btw, if I had to settle for a ratio knob to get Mid/Side introduced faster, I'd be happy with it (for now!). :) Thanks!


answered Jun 03 '15 at 22:41 by bbarker3 (376)

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