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Hi there, I'm using Mac and this might be a a simple fix of which I'm overlooking, but I've always had this issue when using Bitwig.
If I have a VST open on screen, and I go to switch to another application (ie- mail, internet, etc.), the VST stays in the foreground and I can't see my other application (because it is BEHIND the VST) - never had this issue with a DAW before. So, if I'm working in Bitwig and just want to switch to my email for a quick glance at my inbox then come right back to working in Bitwig, this is what the process is like: switch to email, can't see the inbox because VSTs from Bitwig haven't moved to the background with Bitwig and are blocking the view, close the VSTs, view inbox, go back to Bitwig, and reopen the VSTs again. I have to do this every time and I am constantly switching between apps, so this is a real issue. I stream music-making sessions live online while working in Bitwig and during streams I get notifications that pop up on screen from viewers but because of this issue, I can't see their notifications so I need to stop what I'm doing, close the VSTs that are open in order to view the stream notification (and these notifications are only visible for a couple of seconds, so sometimes I miss the message by the time I close all the VSTs that are blocking the notification). I've attached a photo showing the issue. In the photo, I've already switched from Bitwig to Safari, but the Maschine VST stays on the screen and blocks the whole view of Safari. Does anyone else have this issue? Am I missing a simple fix? Can someone please help with this? Thanks for your time :)

alt text

Have the same issue, but it's not affecting me so much, since I usually work uninterrupted in Bitwig most of the time. But I agree, if you have to switch more often, this can become annoying. I am also using Bitwig on a Mac.


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