asked Jun 02 '15 at 23:55 by Ulrich (575)

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Dear Bitwig team, I want to suggest to include the possibility to have control of the fader for the levels of a group of selected tracks at the same time. During mixing I often run into the situation where i realise that it would be better to reduce the volume of several tracks, instead of increasing the level of a track that is overwhelmed by the other tracks (similar to the cutting instead of boosting approach during EQing). And often enough further increasing volume of that track would lead to clipping or distortion… Since I usually already did spend some time finding the levels of a bunch of tracks that fit well relative to each and another I find it unnecessary complicated to reduce all these levels by the same amount by double clicking the value followed by typing specific values for each of these channels. Instead it would be nice to just select a bunch of tracks, grab one fader and by moving it down moving all the other faders by the same amount. If this is already possible, however, I would be more than happy to be enlightened how!



That would be great! Same counts for a global solo/mute function/knobs.

  — (Jun 03 '15 at 15:32) Solidtrax

Just do what you want to do and use the Inspector (which is always your friend for multi-object-at-the-same-time-editing ;)

And if you don't want to type in values, hold shift when near the right value so the mouse action goes from coarse to fine.


answered Jun 03 '15 at 16:00 by riot ♦♦ (1.8k)

Awesome and a big thank you!

  — (Jun 03 '15 at 18:31) Solidtrax

Thank you very much! How could I NOT see that? A very helpful comment indeed :-)


answered Jun 03 '15 at 22:33 by Ulrich (575)

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