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Hello, Do BWS save changes of VST-Presets in Projects?


I load a VST instrument in a Project , maybe Sylenth, Massiv, Serum some such thing,

I tweak the Knobs, the Preset is changed, but not saved as new Preset

I save the Project

I re-open the Project and...

Q: Preset-Changes saved or not?

Thank you

BlackHoleNFO is right. There is some special behavior in bitwig that can lead to that issue. I would say its a bug. Currently developing a new plugin and noticed this too. It seems that bitwig restores the state and after that selects the vst presets. I can imagine that some plugins (when not most) that uses vst presets now load the selected preset, but the selected preset does not include the changes made by the user, because it's a file based factory preset. Bitwig should select the preset first and after that load the plugin state. The plugin state should always have the highest priority.

edit: unbelievable that this bug survived so long :) ok, i have tracked down the issue a bit more. It looks like it does happen when the plugin only returns the state of the selected preset and not the whole bank. Think bitwig expects that the whole bank is in the state and selects the preset after that. This does not work when the plugins gets the presets for example from a static file system.


answered Jan 10 '17 at 11:52 by patrickkunz (31)

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Yes the presets are saved within the project. They are called Plugin-states. Btw: if you meant that the actual preset(files) are updated/saved, no they are not.


answered Jun 03 '15 at 15:35 by Solidtrax (1.0k)

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i mean the actual changes in the vst and then saving the project, without saving the presets in the vst...will this changes saved in the project in the VST, otherwise i must always save as a new preset, then saving the project, so that the saved preset will loaded...-> complicated

In FLStudio are all in the project files. Ever change donĀ“t must be saved twice its all in the project. If the presets is awesome i save it for my private use or share it...but in the workflow saving ALL is better and easier...

  — (Jun 05 '15 at 09:01) BlackHoleNFO

That works BlackHole NFO as said above. Every state/setting is saved within the project file.

  — (Jun 05 '15 at 10:47) Solidtrax

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