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I manage to write a rudimentary controller for the Korg microKontrol that seems to work BUT. I was expecting that when I change the parameter page of any device panel mappings, the colored dot would move to their designated knobs, but nothing is happening ... So I am not sure if my controller should do something about it or if it is a Bitwig bug. Anyone tried to use this feature ? I am on Bitwig 1.1.8

Sorry for hicjaking - but this feature is not working for me, too. I have i.e. a Fabfilter ProQ2 and a Softuber Dramer S73 which do not have a default mapping. When I edit the mappings in the editor and choose to associate arbitrary controls with one of the three default groups (Common Controls, Envelope Controls, Modulation Sources), nothing happens. Neither does any button on the controller (I tried AKAI APC40 mkII, AKAI MPK min, MAudio Axiom 61 v2) have any effect, nor is any knob associated a colour. I have to create a custom parameter page - this will then work.

Is this the way the functionality is intended to work? (Studio 1.3.13)



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