asked Jun 16 '15 at 20:51 by AirDuern (21)


Hi Team,

First, let me tell you that I'm really enjoying Bitwig, everyday I use it. Modulation programing is just so much fun either with internal FX or instruments, or with external VSTs. The only think I miss is a script for Novation Launch Control. I bought at the same time as LaunchPad Mini, which works like a charm.

I really miss the Launch Control whenever I need to control knobs and especially auto-mapping when I switch to another device...

I've already tried a script found on Github: With no success. Learn Assignment is not even working... I got back to Tom's Generic Midi-Learn Controller Script which works better. At least, I can assign knobs on the fly. Yet, it's a nice controller and I wish I could use it more. I also wish I could help in programing scripts by myself, in order to contribute but I know zero in Java script prog.

If you ever end with a script for this controller, I would be glad to test it anytime. Thank you for your help and all the good job on this great DAW.

I need this too. For Bitwig 2.x! The ones on github seem to be all for Bitwig 1.x.

Best, Henrik


answered May 23 '17 at 13:20 by luposlip (11)

I have the same problem but with an XL. I develop software so I know how, just discovered the docs on how to write scripts for controllers. I Plan on doing something for myself but.... I have a lot of software to write in front of this project. If and when I get er done I will try to find this post and let it be known...


answered May 25 '17 at 00:25 by rondixsyscom (11)

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