asked Jun 22 '15 at 10:20 by davesexton (11)


I am in the market to jump ship from my current DAW setup (an odd mixture of FL Studio 12 and Reaper!) and became aware of Bitwig at the weekend. This looks very interesting to me as it seems to combine many concepts into a single DAW package. It is especially compelling when considered in conjunction with the Nektar Panorama P6, , which is how I found out about Bitwig... I was initially only looking for a controller ;)

I am on a business trip in Germany for the next three weeks and would like to make a start on evaluating this as a potential DAW purchase;.However, I am not in a position to download and evaluate the demo. The next best thing would be to read the manual, but I note from a response to another question in the Q&A section that I need to download the demo to get this.

Is it possible to email me a copy of the manual so that I can at least start reading it in teh evenings. Not only will this assist me in making a buy/no-buy decision, it will greatly reduce the risk of me drinking too much beer while in Germany as it will give me something productive to do in the evenings ;)

Sure. Whats your email address?


answered Jun 22 '15 at 19:30 by Ulrich (575)

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