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Seeing as how the bounce has a custom option for selecting where in a device chain a source is bounced, could we please have this functionality when choosing a source input for the dynamics processor or one of the modulators.

The source input of devices is critically lacking the ability to choose the channel source which a device is on. Note: I'm not talking about selecting the source input itself, but the dry pre-fx signal of a channel. This is necessary for being able to side chain the wet portion of a signal to the dry portion.

Say, for instance, I decide to slap a delay and reverb on an fx layer for a synth and have a lot of wet signal in the mix. This can quickly overpower the main synth. if I want to sidechain the delayed reverb to the dry synth (very commonly done and easily achieved in Live), I have no way of doing this because I can only select the source input being fed into the compressor i.e. the delayed reverberated signal. Thus, as things stand, I can only side chain the delayed reverb to itself, but not the delayed reverb to the dry synth on that single channel. Having the option of choosing where in a signal chain a source input picks up it's signal would not only make this crucial technique possible, but also open up huge possibilities other DAWs are not capable of.

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