asked Jul 02 '15 at 12:17 by Smaasten (90)

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This is as far as i get, seeing Kirnu´s Cream in Bitwig 1.1.8 . Just bought cream, so i am a bit disappointed. Does any1 else have the same prob. or i am just unlucky?

I don't know why its not functioning, but I would file a report via:

You could also consider (for the time being) to use the note-transposer, the arpeggiator and notemod f.e., to sort of have the same functionality as you get with Kirnu Cream.

Btw: I see that you also have problems with a lot of other plugins (Izotope, Waves) so in my opinion its more likely that its a problem at your end.

  — (Jul 02 '15 at 13:12) Solidtrax

Hi and thank you for the responce. I get this error message: com.bitwig.flt.library.metadata.reader.exception.CouldNotReadMetadataException: could not read metadata: Could not read VST plug-in metadata 64 bit plugin host reported errors: Pluginhost returned non zero exit code -2

32 bit plugin host reported errors: Pluginhost returned non zero exit code -1

I will do a report to the link in your responce. Btw, there are no problems with either the Izotope plug´s, or Waves. Its just ekstra plugin they add, that Bitwig does not recognise. But the main vst´s are there.

thnks again

  — (Jul 03 '15 at 10:35) Smaasten

Did you try to uninstall it and reinstall only the 64 Bit version?

I have no problems at all with Cream in Bitwig 1.1.8 on Win7 64 Bit.


answered Jul 08 '15 at 11:49 by bufobufo (146)

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