asked Jul 06 '15 at 08:07 by bbarker3 (376)

It seems that most of the time, when I switch between open projects, the audio engine fails on the first time I hit play in the newly enabled project. After I re-enable the audio engine, it seems to work perfectly thereafter, or until I change projects. These are all modestly-sized projects, never more than 3 open simultaneously. This happens LESS if I wait longer to allow all the plugins to load, but it still happens pretty frequently no matter how long I wait.

I wondered if anyone else has this issue? Or if it is something that perhaps is being addressed in 1.2? Being able to keep a couple of projects is really useful as I'm moving between a project in midi/audio and the same in audio stems for the mixdown. If anyone knows a fix, I'd really appreciate it!


In my case, the failure happens AFTER the first time I manually enable the audio engine in the new project.


answered Jul 06 '15 at 15:30 by bbarker3 (376)

Not that it should be making a difference (I think I've only ever very rarely had this problem and assumed it was a glitch) but are you deactivating the active audio engine before activating the new one? I don't actually have to do that myself, but maybe it'll help you. Perhaps even a reinstall?

  — (Jul 08 '15 at 12:41) MellowVenom

It seems normal to me; AFAIK, the audio engine is enabled for one project at a time AND doesn't switch automatically when you cycle around projects. It could be handy though.


answered Jul 06 '15 at 13:38 by pakunoda (966)

I have the same issue that you described.


answered Jul 13 '15 at 21:11 by genesia (26)

Happens to me all the time. It's really annoying.


answered Jul 29 '15 at 16:37 by malachy (11)

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