asked Jul 10 '15 at 15:59 by richielg (11)

Hi Guys

I would like it if the return channels had send pots and if you could also route audio into an audio receiver from a return channel. I would also like to route audio out of a return channel into an audio channel. These are the main routing limitations I have experienced. Its pretty comprehensive as it is in fact its already insanely good. But that will about nail it for me. I know this would in some situations create a feedback loop as well but I actually quite like that.

Also im highly anticipating version 1.2. I really want group tracks for organizational purposes but also im really hoping that you can put a clip on a group and automate stuff as I always wanted to do this in Ableton and to me it just seems like obvious functionality that should be included.

Just a couple of other things I've heard that the modulation system in the future will be extended to cover the entire software but for now I would like to be able to modulate channel parameters so send, pan and volume.

Also I really really miss the Ableton sampler. The Bitwig one doesn't cut it for me unfortunately and I cant find any alternative ive searched pretty hard and nothing has the same level of functionality an intuitiveness.

I just want to finish by saying this is the best piece of software I have ever used.

So what are your guys thoughts on these features?



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