asked Apr 02 '14 at 16:30 by Dan (26)

Guys I believe u are having a very good thing going on with bitwig. Is there any option to have per display profile zoom capability, I have a 32" led screen, and laptop 17", having an independent screen adjustment allows to play around with the size of the display to suit the screen sizes. Right now i have a huge display in the 32" of the linear arrangement and a minute mixer in my 17", it does not help to change font size or screen resolution though. If i use my close reading glasses i can read the 17" but i can not look at the 32" at all.

+1 I have laptop with full HD and it hurts to work with Bitwig for several hours. Fonts and icons are too small. It would be great to have abilility to change sizes of elements.

I experimented changing values in resources\themes\default.theme but they seem to be ignored


answered Nov 03 '14 at 20:34 by nbot (11)

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