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Hello guys,

What can i do about it?

alt text

This alerts appear 6 times (after closing messages every time), then bitwig (Demo 1.1.9) opens normal and i use it with my soundcard (E-MU 1820M).

The problem:

The engine of my Soundcard (EMU-ASIO) doesn´t work fine (crackling, heavy cpu usage) since i got these error messages. And i would like to get rid of these PopUps.

With other daws, i don´t have got any problems. I got these messages since i choosed WASAPI in the Settings folder to try it. I don´t know how to remove/repair WASAPI or deactivate it. I use win7. Is there any solution? Thnx...

Hello, I guess IL WASAPI2ASIO is Imagine Line's ASIO driver (AKA FL ASIO). It is not WASAPI by itself, which is part of the Windows system. Do you use FL 12 as well?

I can't tell why this error occurs, but some people in Image Line's forum ended in either removing FL ASIO, or upgrading it. Try this update:

Another solution may be using a bigger buffer for your EMU soundcard, or using standard sample rate of 44Khz if not already, or trying ASIO4ALL.


answered Jul 15 '15 at 23:18 by pakunoda (966) were right. IL...yes it´s Image Line. I removed this driver. Now, it works. E-MU works fine as usual now. Have a nice day...


answered Jul 16 '15 at 00:20 by Phantos (179)

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