asked Jul 16 '15 at 01:23 by jumpman (11)

I would like to know if it could ever be a deleterious move for users to update to a new version of Bitwig studio or update the included package content via the package manager. Today I updated Bitwig Drum Machines within the Extended Collection and it appears 4 drum machines were removed from my collection. e.g. before the update I had 123 drum machine containers and after I have only 119 drum machine containers. I had also updated the three part essential collection. I do not know what if anything may have been lost there... How do users interpret the number of mb in parenthesis listed in the package manager? e.g. Freak Ass's Marimba 63 mb (23 mb). Clearly, I will not want to perform updates which remove features I currently enjoy. I am concerned users may see restrictions to content or feature access within future versions of Bitwig or its packages, especially now that the streamlined "lite" 8 track version is on its way to market. For now, I trust the program updates will be advantageous to users but the package updates appear to trim the initial content offered.

Today I uninstalled Bitwig Drum Machines and reinstalled from the original physical disk and I now have 123 drum machines again. I'm sticking to the packaged content and avoiding updates via package manager at the risk of losing features I rely on.

  — (Jul 22 '15 at 00:54) jumpman

You might miss important updates for various elements of the library. Sometimes we fix bugs in the packages. We try to do so without modifying the sound of presets or anything.

Maybe rather keep a backup somewhere? We don't delete content if there isn't an extremely urgent reason to do so, since we're very aware that it would break existing projects and annoy users very much.

  — (Sep 04 '15 at 14:49) riot ♦♦

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