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Hi, I am using Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) and qjackctl. I wonder why there are no individual inputs for audio tracks showing up in qjackctl. I need this for routing external sources such as guitarix. I know this behaviour from other DAWs like Ardour, where one external input for each track is created automatically. So please can you help me with that, it's crucial for working with external programs. The following link makes me think, it should be a simple task... thx in advance

jackmixer can be used as a workaround, but it's circumstantial...

  — (Jul 21 '15 at 12:27) Waldmeister

You don't automatically get one JACK port per track, but there's something even better!

In the latest version, you can create Jack ports in Preferences->Audio->Output Buses->Add Stereo. Just create as many ports as you like, give them meaningful names, and then you can use them anywhere you like within the Bitwig routing system.

If you want to export individual tracks, just go to Mix view and set the track output to the port(s) you created. You can do the same for receiving sound - just assign a track input.


answered Feb 14 '16 at 18:23 by mixmatch (123)

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Well the answer doesn't tell you that these ports that you can add can't be JACK ports. So this is a big problem for Linux users like I pointed out here.


answered Oct 08 '18 at 11:29 by 71GA (46)

They are JACK ports actually. It works great on my end. I add the ports and can patch into them via JACK.


answered Jan 09 '19 at 12:06 by scazan (11)

@scazan Well, then please point out the solution for my problem here. I bet you can't...


answered Jan 13 '19 at 14:13 by 71GA (46)

Ha, if history tells me anything about Linux I'll bet I can't either. But I'll take a look in case I see something different on my end anyhow.


answered Jan 13 '19 at 14:43 by scazan (11)

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@scazan Bitwig studio is advertised as a Linux DAW. So it should properly implement Linux JACK server which is used in all Linux distributions to get a realtime OS response. Enabling insertion of JACK ports is crutial, but Bitwig can't do that... Sorry but this is not a Linux problem at all and Bitwig GMBH should really hire some competent JACK experts who will do the job like it's supposed to be done.

Otherwise at least they should stop decieving users that it is a proper Linux DAW which it clearly isn't (yet),


answered Jan 14 '19 at 13:12 by 71GA (46)

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