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I think an amazing feature to see in Bitwig would be the ability to generate envelopes for the individual parameters that a macro modulates. As it is right now, if a macro modulates 3 different paramaters, and you turn the macro knob, all 3 parameters will be modulated in a straight line from the value they start at to the value they end at. It would be a powerful feature for live performance and ease of automation to be able to generate envelopes for each parameter . For example, as the macro is turned, maybe parameter 1 will follow a curve, from the minimum value the macro is assigned to, to the maximum value. And breakpoints could be drawn in this envelope generator as well to develop any type of envelope. One application of this type of feature would be the ability to assign how one sound morphs into another, and be in complete control of that with only the turn of one knob.

Here is an example layout structure and functionality with pictures below. There could be "Detail" buttons by each Macro, that when clicked, expand the "Macro Details" Panel. In this panel you could have a scrollable list of all the parameters being modulated by that macro, and next to the list an envelope for each parameter. The x-axis of the envelope window would represent the macro value from 0 to 100, and the y-axis would represent the range of the parameter that the macro is assigned to modulate, from minimum to maximum.

Macro "Detail" buttons: alt text

"Macro Details" panel (in the red box): Click the "Detail" button to expand and collapse the "Macro Details" panel. The macro "Detail" button that is selected will show the information specific to that macro in the panel. When you select a specific modulated parameter (in this case, the top parameter, in the yellow-gold box), that parameter's envelope will be shown in the window. Each parameter can have its own envelope. alt text

I think this is a great idea. The macro controls are really powerful as they stand, however a non-linear behaviour would be a great addition. FLstudio, though lacking macros, has had these possibilities when assigning midi controller knobs/faders to assignable parameters for years. Basically any mathematical function can be written to map the input midi to how the knob will respond, from steppy response to a pure switch like behaviour.


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FL Studio actually does have macros now (in the Fruity Evelope Controller), and the user can draw any nonlinear relationship for the macros with breakpoints and a line editor.


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