asked Jul 25 '15 at 15:38 by misterbones23 (21)

Hi, I'm a new Bitwig User and I love this Daw but there is something that's been bothering me a little bit. Where can I find or see the bit depth that I'm working in a project?

There's no setting for that? In the Audio menu there's only the sample rate choices but not Bit Depth.

Can someone answer me this question?


I have not seen an option inside BWS, so I guess the only solution to set the bit depth is to open the control panel of your audio driver.

Unfortunately, BWS doesn't have a button to summon the said control panel, so you will need to search for it in your applications picker.


answered Jul 28 '15 at 00:10 by pakunoda (966)


I was able to find out that Bitwig is running at 24 bits by default so that's fine for me. All I did was record a vocal take, render it and open it in Sony Sound Forge and it gave me the info of the file. So I'm not worry anymore. My concern was if BW was running at 16 bit but it's not so I'm good to go!

  — (Jul 28 '15 at 06:05) misterbones23

"By default, professional recording interface such as Saffire Pro 40 would be using 24-bits. But if you would like to select different recording bit depths; it would now be done in your DAW software."



answered Mar 03 '16 at 13:55 by simpletkaktics (11)

Bitwig uses 32 bit floating point internally. When bouncing tracks, they get rendered to 24 bit integer by default. Bouncing tracks with 32 bit FP is already on the wish list.


answered Apr 05 '16 at 05:33 by Cyler (346)

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