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So I'm getting the old bounce timing problem which I think was more prevalent a few updates ago - hadn't run into it for a while. There are literally no devices/VSTs/anything being used in this project apart from the record function. For those of you who haven't come across it, here's what happens -

Record a track -> Bounce in place/elsewhere -> timing of track is off, the recording is cut off oddly before the end.

Migrating the audio clip to different/new tracks also has no effect. For a while it seemed like I could get around this by bouncing things in the Master channel, but for some reason that also no longer works. The only solution is to take the audio clip into an entirely new project, bounce it there, then import it back into the original project (if it happens again in the new project I have to make a new new project). Luckily, BitWig is set up in such a way that this isn't all that time-consuming. Unfortunately, it's a complete ballache to have to do this every time. Anyone got a faster route in the meantime?

EDIT: If devs are reading this I have a copy of the project, for what it's worth.

I have similar issues. In some project if I bounce (even not in place) I get a very noisy result and it's shorter than the original. If I just copy/paste the track to a new project it works.


answered Oct 20 '15 at 06:15 by vincenzoml (11)

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