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I have been struggling with the meaning of the small green dot on the mute button of the track in the arranger. I think it is somehow connected to the automation (am I correct?), but I can't understand it quite. Well it is making my life harder, because it is muting/unmuting my tracks while recording or playing and this is a big drawback for my work.

Here is a screenshot of the dot. alt text

I tried to make it go away by unticking all the options in the main menu's "option" entry, but problem is still there.


If you want to get rid of (accidentally) recorded automation, right click the button/knob/fader etc. you modified and select "Delete Automation".

  — (Aug 06 '15 at 13:56) riot ♦♦

You are correct. This is a recorded automation sign. You can edit/view this via show all automation by pressing the button below the M(ute) button and after that the star. (= show all automation). You are bypassing (broken according to the manual) the automation now because its green via the Restore Automation Control button you can correct this

From the manual on page 152 and 153: "The automation indicator for the volume parameter has switched from blue to green, indicating that the automation's control of this parameter has been broken for the time being. At the same time, the Restore Automation Control button within the display section of the window header is now tinted green, indicating that it is armed.

To restore the control of automation over all parameters: click the Restore Automation Control button."

Hope this helps.


answered Aug 05 '15 at 23:01 by Solidtrax (1.0k)

In easy words you had global automation record engaged when you clicked on the mute button so that click got recored. It had a blue dot on it showing there is an automation. When you played back the track got muted as it was supposed. You probably clicked on it to unmute it then. Thereby you "broke" the automation which is shown by the blue dot becoming green. Bitwig allows you to "fix" that automation by clicking on the green Arrow symbol that is now active in the transport control window. But you don't want that, you just right click and choose to delete that erroneous automation.


answered Aug 08 '15 at 12:43 by Ulrich (575)

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