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last year i bought the Arturia / Bitwig Producer Pack. It was a big pleasure for me to see it should be running fine on Linux. The allready very well known advertising told me the Arturia Keylab49 and Bitwig works both with Linux. But.......the point is the required software (here AnalogLab and Mini V) isn't working with Linux.

I think this is nearby a fat case of fraud because the promotion of Bitwig and Arturia told me to by this ALL in One Producer Pack and the Arturia Keylab49 is well known as "THE ULTIMATE HYBRID SYNTHESIZER". But where is the "HYBRID" for the Linuxusers?

It is very interesting to see the DEMOs of both programs are running mostly smooth with WINE (older versions, the new once don't anymore). Unfortunately is it necessary to use the license key software by Arturia to unlock the Demomode but this f...king crap of software (sorry for this) isn 't working on Linux nor is it possible to get the unlockcode by fone or something else "oldschool style".

Is anybody able to use Arturias AnalogLab and / or MiniV in Bitwig on Linux whatever distro?

Sorry for my bad english


Arturia's software doesn't run on Linux and the Producer Pack was never really targeted at Linux users either. But you can still use Bitwig and the Keylab controller together and have it integrate with Bitwig's own synth devices, which also makes for plenty of fun!


answered Mar 06 '17 at 12:33 by kelytha (21)

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