asked Aug 17 '15 at 21:45 by etherealflare (21)

Is there any way that anyone knows of to split midi up (Note filters etc) into separate layers/streams/whatever, and then merge them back?

So far, I can split everything up nicely with an effect layer, but then I need an instance of whatever plugin I am using on every layer.

Alternatively if I create an instrument track for each note, and have them all send their midi data to a final instrument track with the plugin on it, it works great! But then I have the task of arming 8 tracks before I can play anything.

For clarity, an example would be having a drum plugin that accepts natural notes for kick, snare, hi-hat etc. My goal in this instance would be to map C1 to the kick, D1 to the snare, and then E1 to hi-hat roll on 16ths, and F1 to a hi-hat roll on 8th note triplets.

Another example would be take an input over 1 octave say of C major say, and split it up so that C1 will send a C Maj chord, D will play an inverted Dm9, E would play Esus4, etc. Basically creating a chord map for each note.

Because the plugins I use are CPU hogs, running 8 instances of each isn't an option. Does anyone know of a module I don't that accomplishes this, or can think of a clever workaround that I haven't?

Cheers, D

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