asked Aug 19 '15 at 12:13 by elgranati (11)

hi there.. can anyone help me ? I'm not getting the guitar rig 5 on the audio channel in the bitwig. i only hear the guitar clean source from my motu {4pre} sound card . i can record guitar channel but cannot get the guitar rig linked to that audio channel . the guitar rig works ! but doesn't show on bitwig . what can i do?!! thanks .

after 300 something looks....guess there are not any guitarists using bitwig?

Im having the same problem.


answered Aug 31 '16 at 09:01 by WDAWSON (11)

Your post is difficult to understand. I am using Guitar Rig 5 in bitwig, on audio channels, without any problems. You're saying that GR5 is on the channel you are inputting to, but has no effect on the audio input, or in other words, it seems to be getting bypassed? What do you mean by "linked to that audio channel?" You should just drop GR5 on the audio channel you are sending guitar input to, arm / monitor the channel, and that's it....


answered Sep 02 '16 at 19:49 by mholloway (141)

Not very helpful but Maybe a Short Asia 4 all Change or another driver.


answered Sep 08 '16 at 16:37 by Tonfabrik (40)

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