asked Aug 21 '15 at 00:36 by Lawrence (21)

I am editing a clip in the edit panel with the automation section toggled. I have a midi chord with automation of a macro underneath. I want to duplicate that midi chord WITH that exact automation curve for all things automated.

I know I can just do two duplicates, one for the midi and one for the automation, but this becomes tedious when I am constantly moving around that midi chord to test it in that clip.

Is this even possible.

I am not doing midi editing in the track, I want to do this in the clip itself.

As far as I know you will have to duplicate notes and automation separately if you're working in the cip launcher. This could be something that might be improved in the future though.


answered Aug 24 '15 at 11:42 by fredrik (186)

Any news on this? Seems like this feature is not yet present, or am I missing something? I have the same challenge and it is honestly driving me crazy right now.


answered Sep 17 '17 at 23:23 by meradium (21)

I would also be interested in how a section of a track (MIDI+automation) can be copied / moved in its entirety. Thank you!


answered Dec 29 '19 at 17:01 by Welcherdenndann (11)

edited Dec 31 '19 at 12:50

Please, be polite and write in English. This is a user driven forum: not many of us can read German. And sure we cannot help you. Fabrizio

  — (Dec 29 '19 at 17:32) fsciarra62

I translated my inquiry.

  — (Dec 31 '19 at 12:51) Welcherdenndann

As of 3.1.1, track and clip automation are treated differently and the only way I know to do it in a single step is by using a Time Selection on the track itself. This is accessible from Edit panel by switching into Track edit mode, and then selecting time along the clip at top. (Tip: hold the 2 key while dragging across the clip timeline so you don't have to switch back and forth between tools.) Then you can drag the time range to move or copy the chords with automation all at once.

This method is a workaround that creates more clips, so don't forget to consolidate once you've found your timing. You can drag to/from the Launcher if you want Launcher clips containing the automation.


answered Jan 04 at 12:41 by voidshine (302)

By the way, I hope the whole concept of "track automation" dies in Bitwig 4. If all automation existed in clips, and multiple could be played simultaneously, then treatment of musical data would be unified and confusion like this issue would never come up. We could also freely mix and match combinations in musically useful ways.

  — (Jan 04 at 13:00) voidshine

I found an an way to copy MIDI + automation-lines.

Down in the right conner of the monitor is a little Button. The button shows a chain. Activate the button. Now MIDI + automation-lines should be copied.


answered Jan 18 at 20:52 by Welcherdenndann (11)

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