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I might have gone full retard but i can't find a way to swap left and right channels in a stereo source, with native Bitwig tools. Is there a way ?

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Since Bitwig 2 there is the Dual Pan device. It lets you pan the left and right channels anywhere in the stereo filed, so all you have to do is pan left hard right and righ hard left.


answered Sep 13 '17 at 10:11 by Cyler (356)

Working with channels of a track is not very intuitive and usually needs a several step approach. Here is one way how you could try it. Create two new audio channels and route the original track to them (POST FADER). Then move the Panorama knob to the left and record the left channel to one of the new audio tracks. Afterwords you do the same with the right channel. You should now have the two channels split to two new mono tracks. Two swap the channels now you have to put a tool in both of the new channels with the default setting (width 0). Now have a look at the track´s channel Vu-meter. If you play the track with tool enabled you should have the same signal in left and right channel. If you disable the tool you should have only one channel active. This is showing that the tool converts the mono signal to a "fake" stereo signal. You want now to record the two tracks to another track, but panned in the other way round, meaning the formerly right material will end up on the left etc.. This is not so easy, however. To record both channels into one track you have to be creative again because a track actually only allows one input at a time, but you need two. Therefore create a fx layer and put two audio receivers there. Make sure to again select POST FADER to capture the signal behind the Panorama control of each of the two tracks you are routing there. Sadly you cannot record into this track, at least in my case it was not possible to really get the two different left and right channels into that track. So I created another track and routed the signal from the track with the two receivers into that track. Here you can pick up the signal Pre-Fader because it will start loosing more and more gain. You can also insert a tool behind the fx layer with the audio receivers and increase the gain a bit to compensate for that. I know it´s kinda complicated… I hope it is more or less comprehensible what I wrote. Just start doing it step by step.alt text

Btw. I sent a feature request to Bitwig asking them to make a new copy and paste special menu in the the right click menu that would allow to only copy the right channel info and paste it to the left etc. Thereby making stuff like this a lot easier!


answered Aug 28 '15 at 09:27 by Ulrich (575)

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I have a feeling they left this out because there are probably already free vsts that do what a lot of the simpler ableton devices do, like the utility device.

It looks like has a list of vsts like utility and that stereo tool is still around.

Does anyone have a list of vst equivalents for the devices that are missing from bitwig but were in ableton?

Edit: I could not get stereo tool to appear in the vst list but searching the web for 'mid side vst' showed some other results and voxengo MSED does work for me as a utility drop in replacement.


answered Sep 06 '15 at 23:56 by lucidology (119)

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Please don´t create such list! I think it´s a very unfortunate development that more and more users are asking for Ableton like devices and features. Think of new solutions for similar problems. I love layered editing, Histogramm for Midi expressions, Clip in clip editing (the split at onset feature), Support for up to three monitors, the Note Mod, Audio receiver etc. Bitwig would not be there if the team would be constantly looking at Ableton for inspiration.

As I said. I sent a feature request for this problem and I am confident they will come up with something fantastic…


answered Sep 07 '15 at 10:26 by Ulrich (575)

edited Sep 07 '15 at 10:26

So we should deliberately avoid requesting certain functionality just because it's something that appears in Ableton Live? Wouldn't that mean that Ableton can damage Bitwig by adding new features in order to prevent Bitwig from having that feature out of fear of looking like Live?

Nothing would ever get done if the bitwig developers said "we can't do X because it is already in host Y".


answered Sep 07 '15 at 16:28 by lucidology (119)

"Does anyone have a list of vst equivalents for the devices that are missing from bitwig but were in ableton?"

So we should deliberately request all functionality just because it's something that appears in Ableton Live?


answered Sep 07 '15 at 23:12 by Ulrich (575)

Yeah, pretty much. All I really want is a program like ableton live 64 bit but one that doesn't crash all the time.

I like bitwig's ability to gracefully continue operating if a vst fails. With Live 64 that depends on the glitchy jbridge thing, if anything goes wrong, Live crashes and leaves a zombie Live process that can't be killed for a full 15 minutes and prevents another instance of Live from starting in the mean time. It's faster to just reboot the whole computer.

So I'm done with that and Live has gone in the trash for me.

I don't like bitwig's lack of basic functionality and missing features and how some elementary things are needlessly complex.

Like how in Live if you want the multi audio tracks from a vst to route to another track you just select it from a dropdown and you're done.

With bitwig you have to click an obscure button and select 'Add Missing Chains", then add an audio receiver, then click through three dropdowns to get the track from the vst. For whatever reason if you just have the track itself read from the vst's outputs you get nothing, so it's just there as a UI red herring.

Did they make it super duper complicated just for the sake of making it different from how Live does it? Who knows, but for whatever reason it's not an improvement, especially considering this program was supposed to be written from the ground up to be better without added complications due to an aging code base.

As far as making a list of things to bring bitwig up to par with Live, in order to recreate the Drive functionality in Live's Velocity midi device, I found that midicurve works well


answered Sep 07 '15 at 23:28 by lucidology (119)

Just give Bitwig´s developers some time to fix the current bugs before expecting them to include all the features from your former favourite DAW. Others are shouting for features form their DAWs and I think the work load on the team is quite big already.

Look at Ableton, the last major upgrade brought curved automation lanes, clip automation, the glue compressor and a piece of hardware that forces you to buy the newest version of Live. Later they patched in two-monitor support. Thats it…


answered Sep 08 '15 at 14:48 by Ulrich (575)

I certainly agree that Ableton is just coasting along and adding the bare minimum it thinks it can get away with in each new release. It's pretty clear that they've run out of new ideas over there.

Having a list of free VSTs that brings bitwig up to the same level as Live makes it so bitwig developers don't have to write duplicate functionality and can focus on fixing bugs, so I think it's worthwhile to have such a list.

The midicurve vst I linked to is actually better than the Live version because it shows you graphically what the incoming velocities are so you know better how to shape the curve, so making this list will result in a DAW even better than Live.


answered Sep 08 '15 at 20:17 by lucidology (119)

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