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i really would like to know if there is some hidden way to actually press a key on my midi controller/keyboard and get the note(s) i pressed (including how hard i hit it) into the sequencer without having to play it following the metronome.

I was using this since i started making music with trackers on amiga and loved it on my yamaha rm1x. I can't seem to find it in Bitwig and i can't really believe this is not a standard in a daw these times. So i am pretty sure i am missing it somewhere.

Could anyone please be so kind an enlighten me? Thanks in advance!

Turning off both the metronome and record quantization should help..

alt text


answered Sep 04 '15 at 10:27 by bufobufo (140)

Since I don't have a rmx1, but do use trackers myself I think with steprecording you mean steprecording like on a roland sh101, bass-station2 or even ensoniq esq1. no that's not possible at the moment.


answered Sep 04 '15 at 12:50 by Solidtrax (929)


i will try to explain it better:

You Set a fixed notelength. EG 1/8 You step through the Timeline in the Set notelength With a dialwheel or a knob. When you arrived at the Position you like you play your notes. The notes will be recorded With the notelength of 1/8.

For example You Set the length to 1/4. You Start Pressing the Note for lets say your kick at the Start of the pattern. You press it 4 times.

You end up With something like this:

Empty |oooo|oooo|oooo|oooo|...

Kick |•ooo|•ooo|•ooo|•ooo|...

I hole that explain it a little better. Sorry for Amy wrong words wrote on a phone.


answered Sep 04 '15 at 13:32 by semod (46)

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I just found out that Ableton does that: Here is a quick tip video that shows how it works: I'd really really love to see that in bitwig... Feature-request


answered Oct 11 '15 at 01:31 by Ton-ish (553)

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