asked Apr 03 '14 at 22:16 by 111j111 (46)


To save both the users and developers trawling through emails and posts on feature requests, is there yet a feature request/official feature request thread anywhere online?

Obviously, the benefits/rules would be to post feature requests, but to ensure you read through the thread as to save repeating a request (avoiding long threads).

Would it be possible to get someone here/a user/someone from the bitwig team to monitor the thread and get a poll where every feature mentioned is added, thus providing a means to see the populations desire for a certain feature, without an overly long thread with people agreeing: "+1 for blah blah blah feature" or "I agree with blah feature", enabling a thread that would just have feature requests, or, (for those who haven't done the research/or have missed a feature) if the feature already exists, someone highlighting/explaining that it already does exist?

I've got a few in mind, but will save them in case such a thread is already in place.

Here's a link to the same question on the KVR forum. Just seeing who answers first/best.

Good idea! :) It would be nice to hear official comment from the Bitwig Developers! Or should we continue posting new questions for feature requests? How about Bugzilla or some other issue-tracking system for bug/features?


answered Nov 30 at 23:26 by Rokka (51)

There's currently a feature wishlist poll going on in the Bitwig facebook group, if you're into such a thing:

But yeah, one simple place for feature requests + updated poll would be useful for both sides..thou, I do understand it could seem as negative marketing for some. Thou we are pretty much doing service design for them, for free.


answered Dec 04 at 12:53 by mgaw (228)

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