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I switched over from live to bitwig because I use steven slate drums which takes a lot of memory and requires a 64 bit vst host. Ableton's 64 bit support is garbage and the jbridge thing crashes all the time.

I was happy to see that bitwig has solid 64 bit support but it's hard to use elaborate drum vsts with it because the midi lanes can't be named. This means you have to have a piece of paper or something to look at to tell what note goes to which of the three dozen samples that the drum vst triggers.

I've attached a screenshot to show what it looks like in live. The ability to name note lanes make it possible to keep it all organized enough to get stuff done. With the default piano roll it becomes just a jumbled mess. Please add support for named note lanes!!!!!!!

alt text

Put drum machine before steven slate drums and deactivate it. Attach any Bitwig device (prefereably tool device) to each pad you need. Now you'll be able to rename your notes. When they will release v2.0 with opened modular system there should be easy to create true drum mapper device.


answered Jan 10 '16 at 12:08 by Nekosounds (66)

Thank you!

  — (Jan 10 '16 at 17:01) lucidology

Wow, such a great workaround! Got it to work by routing this way: Drum Machine (deactivated) - Tool (on each pad) - Kontakt 5 (has to be "inside" the Drum Machine container). Rename each pad according to your needs. Done!

I don't see version 2 coming out any time soon so this is an excellent way to have this feature. A bit cumbersome but hey, it works!

  — (Jan 11 '16 at 00:55) ZAU

You can even go ahead and delete all the Devices on the Pads once you've named the Pad too if you're worried about taking up unnecessary resources.. the Pad remains named in the Piano Roll. Good stuff

  — (Jan 11 '16 at 02:08) ZAU

Also, they should make the note name area resizable. 5 characters + ... just isn't clear enough.

Drum machine note names


answered Dec 19 '16 at 09:44 by mgaw (268)

Normally, you can take the drum machine, and make for every note another sample or Sound!

Bye JP


answered Sep 07 '15 at 00:51 by JP (56)

Unforunately that doesn't work because it's not a simple set of samples, one for each note. It's many gigabytes of data with different samples depending on the velocity and so forth.

  — (Sep 07 '15 at 01:09) lucidology

That is currently not possible. The same problem applies to NI Battery and other drum tools. Would be really nice if Bitwig could read out the data from each pad and include this information into the piano roll. Write a kind feature request to usually they are very open minded and things develop very fast with them :-)


answered Sep 07 '15 at 10:13 by Ulrich (575)

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