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Hi, not sure if I'm sending this to a right place:

It's not a matter of taste but its more a matter of precision and accuracy. The way bitwig draws peaks/waveforms for audio clips (the filled peaks) is not accurate enoug for a vast population of hobbyists and designers including me. There are things that you can realise just by looking at the waveform and its not possible with filled peaks.

It'd be wise to put an option to select between different methods of peak draw (filled - line) in preferences. It'd be wise to make bitwig renders the peaks and saves them in a seperate file for better handling of the peaks (like reaper and DP). Again it'd be wise to let the user set anti-analising for the peak draw (it's 2015, what are you afraid of, frame rate?)

Update: if you managed to implement this feature in bitwig please don't make it like Digital performer which you have to pass a certain level of zoom in order for DP to switch to the high resolution peak draw)

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