asked Apr 05 '14 at 01:58 by run2hype (41)


Is it possible to add more Tracks into a folder or a track stack however? If yes how

I really like to work with a bass folder or a drum folder with all my different tracks in a sum

+1 and it would be great to have a folder within a folder, but less important than the linking between Mixer and arrangement like in track stacks in LogicProX, so when I have linked them and open the folder in the mixer the folder in the arrange opens too and vice versa.


answered Apr 05 '14 at 12:33 by MichaelD (106)

I think it's more like in logic 9 for the moment. If you really want to sum your tracks, you have to rout them to the same Aux track (called effect track), in this way you can use the Effect track as a track stack or folder.


answered Apr 05 '14 at 16:57 by Pierre (11)

Hi Pierre, yes it is possible the way you descibe it or just use a empty audiotrack and root all e.g. Drumtracks to this one. What I really like with thee logicprox trackstacks are that they are linked to the Mixer. At least when you are on a Laptop it gives you more overview on the Mixer.



answered Apr 05 '14 at 23:30 by MichaelD (106)

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