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Hey Guys,

lets say i have a long sound element, and i want the signal to change between mute and let through for a rythmn effect. of course i could manually write an automation on the mixer volume, but i want the signal to be active by pushing down one of my pads, so i can create neat rythm effects, which i couldnt using only the mouse and without hearing it live.

how could this be done? i can set an automation control on my knobs, yes, but i dont want a curve - i want clean cuts, just like the on / off automation works.

any ideas?


You can do this several ways. I think in your case it's easiest the following way:

  1. Add a Note MOD Device in your chain you want to gate
  2. Nested in the Note MOD add a Tool device
  3. Drag the Amplitude knob in the Tool device all the way down to -36 db
  4. Now modulate the Amplitude knob with the Env modulator in the Note MOD device, drag the mod value to 12 o clock (+36 db)
  5. Create an instrument track (or use an already existing one) and add that as source for the Note MOD
  6. Now you can play the gate with notes through that instrument track, creating clips and so on. You can set the envelope to be very short and snappy

If you want it even snappier and glitchier you can modulate the device on/off button instead of the amplitude knob.


answered Sep 22 '15 at 17:28 by fredrik (186)

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