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I've found a mean bug that needs reporting. How can i provide a bug report that is helpful?

Please create a report that follows these rough guidelines:

  • Provide a short introductory description of the problem as the (email) subject
  • We definitely need instructions on how to reproduce the problem!
  • State, which version of Bitwig Studio you used when the problem occured
  • Provide us with a short description of your computer system (machine and sound hardware as well as operating system)
  • If you used any VST, please state so - if you think they might be relevant, please list which ones you used
  • Sometimes, it is very helpful to send screenshots or even screencasts of the problem you encountered, a picture can tell thousand words

Furthermore, if you have problems with a certain project, please make sure they are not happening with other projects and provide us with a slimmed down version of it, i.e. please remove unnecessary samples from the project, so you don't have to send hundreds of gigabytes data. The same is valid for problems with media files (e.g. samples or clips)

If your attachments are very large and can't be slimmed down, please host them with a file sharing hoster.

To make sure we get your report, use our support form, or send us an email if you need to attach files.

Also, please do NOT:

  • Reply with new bugs to old mails (they get lost under a pile of newer mails)
  • combine completely different bugs in one request

answered Sep 23 '15 at 15:24 by riot ♦♦ (1.8k)

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