asked Apr 05 '14 at 07:08 by TristanMendoza (190)

what exactly does timbre do?

In Bitwig, per their manual: "the timbre expression here has no fixed purpose. Rather, it can be used to freely modulate one or more parameters of the track's instrument device", that's kind of up in the air as far as definitions go, in my opinion.

In sound theory, (I'm sure everyone knows this but here it is anyway) timbre is that thing that refers to the inherent tone quality of a sound, "tone color". Not the pitch, volume, or length but the quality that allows our ears to differentiate between, say a piano and a guitar.


answered Apr 05 '14 at 23:18 by jaesm (148)

Not commenting on the actual definition. However, I do use it for per-note automating things. Being able to copy and paste those, move them around, etc., is great!


answered Apr 08 '14 at 07:48 by powermat (26)

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