asked Sep 24 '15 at 19:06 by rmirabelle (101)

This is a feature request. Currently, when grouping tracks, the child tracks contained within the group have their output automatically routed to {name of the group} + Master.

This is very confusing because there is NO SUCH TRACK. For example, If I rename my group to "Bass", the outputs of all child tracks within the group are set to a NON-EXISTENT track called "Bass Master". I wasted tons of time trying to find, or show, or unhide, or unfilter track names to find the track called "Bass Master", not realizing I was actually looking for the "Bass" group.

Output names for group child tracks should match the name of the group exactly. So if I create a Group called "Bass", the tracks within it should have their outputs listed as simply "Bass", NOT "Bass Master"

At the very least, if automatic naming of outputs must occur, the automatic naming format should be: {GROUP NAME} + GROUP, such that the outputs for the "Bass" group would be set to "Bass GROUP", not "Bass Master".

Keep up the great work!

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