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I have an arpeggio vst (cthulhu) which outputs midi notes. I want to send It's midi notes to say, 4 polysynths. I cannot find a way to do this,.

I can get the midi notes into a single poly-synth track via selecting the cthulhu track, going to the output dropdown -> notes to tracks -> polysynth. (See Image 1) This works. But this also means I'd have to have a 4 Cthulus for 4 PolySynth's

alt text

However when I configure the Polysynth track to GET/RECEIVE MIDI from another MIDI Track, It doesn't work! I see 2 Cthulu's (See picture below, Blue and Purple boxes). I've tried selecting one vs the other, and I cannot get the polysynth to receive midi from another track no matter what I do. This is important, because it means one MIDI Output could drive multiple other MIDI Tracks.

What am I doing wrong / missing here? And what are the differences between the two Cthulus I outlined in Blue / Purple.

alt text

p.s. The way to RECEIVE MIDI Data, like I originally wanted to do, Is by using a device called "Note Receiver", in the "Router" category



answered Oct 01 '15 at 01:44 by wygonjinn (281)

Ok, I figured It out, kindof --

We can go the first route I described (sending midi from the cthulu track, to the polysynth track), and just keep repeating, i.e. taking Polysynth 1, and send It's notes to the Polysynth 2 track, and then taking Polysynth 2's notes and sending them to Polysynth's 3's track, etc.

alt text

It's still kindof unusual to me, as I'd expect an instrument track to beable to RECEIVE the midi of another Instrument track, yaknow? Id still like an explanation of why this isnt possible or what Im doing wrong, and what the Blue vs Purple means, --- but alas this will do for now :D


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I can get midi from one track to another by following either of the suggestions above. However, It seems I should be able to leave the destination's track set to All Ins and it should also work. At the very least, all I should have to do is set the destination's track input to the track output of the arpeggiator or to the output of the arpeggiator itself. None of what I consider to be the intuitive choices work. What am I failing to understand?


answered Dec 22 '17 at 14:45 by memorymoog1 (31)

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