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Here's something that appears to be impossible in bitwig?

I want to have it so a slider on my keyboard activates exactly one midi track and deactivates the rest. This is easy to do in Live by setting min and max values for each track's on buttonalt text However in bitwig, I can't figure out how to make it so when you turn a knob, it turns a button one for one part of the range and then off for the other. I can only figure out how to turn it on for half the range and off for the other half. alt text

Here is a bitwig file of what I'm trying to do:

Basically I want it so when you turn the 'device...' knob that it starts out with the note filter off, then for a middle part of the knob it turns the note filter on, then for the final part of turning the knob it turns the note filter back off.

How is this done?

The only idea I have is to write a very simple script: - Create a track bank (with the maximum number of tracks you intend) - Listen to your midi cc - On receive, select the specific track depending on the CCs value (call on the track bank)


answered Oct 06 '15 at 09:32 by moss (143)

Thanks!!! I didn't even know bitwig had an API! Using a script will probably work, and I'll as bitwig support to add min/max functionality to macros. I just wasn't sure if this is really a design limitation or there's a way to do it that I didn't see.

  — (Oct 06 '15 at 12:29) lucidology

Also, have some points!

  — (Oct 06 '15 at 12:29) lucidology

There is a sub-forum for scripting:

Also if you look into the Help menu of Bitwig Studio there are 2 links: One for the scripting manual and one for the API reference.

  — (Oct 06 '15 at 13:05) moss

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