asked Oct 06 '15 at 23:11 by jamesmcseattle (87)

I'm dumbfounded. Up till this latest free release, 1.2, I was able to select my USB microphone as an input device. However, after upgrading to the latest release, 1.2, I cannot find my USB microphone as an input device on any audio track. I've made sure that it is still working (Win 6, 64bit) - just cannot see it anywhere to select it as an input on the track so that I can record vocals.

I can select it as an output device, but that does nothing for me.

I really like the interface, but wish that I could resolve this problem. Can someone please help me?


James Mc.

Following David comment, AFAIK, since BWS 1.2 it is not possible to defining a WASAPI input.

What is your USB microphone? Does it ship with an ASIO driver? Do you know ASIO4ALL and can you give it a try as a workaround?


answered Oct 25 '15 at 19:26 by pakunoda (966)

So it turns out the ASIO driver was working - just not as I expected.

To answer your question, the microphone is a Samson Cu10 (off the top of my head).

  — (Nov 24 '15 at 09:08) jamesmcseattle

Same here

Win7x64, WASAPI


answered Oct 08 '15 at 20:14 by David_Boura (136)

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