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I'm finding that chopping long samples into shorter ones is very difficult because when you chop out a smaller sample, every time you click into it, it zooms to basically a random location somewhere in the middle of the loop. It's probably doing this based on the length of the original long sample but it should ignore that and look at what the start and length of the actual clip has been set to.

For instance, in this screenshot on the right with the yellow clips I have a series of samples chopped from the clips on the left. When you click into one you get a random blank view of the sample in the middle.

alt text

You then have to manually zoom into it a few hundred bars over to see what's going on.

alt text

If I save and reload the project, then it centers the view a little better when you click into the clips, but it's still setting the view length to be the length of the original clip, rather than the clip itself.

alt text

Even if I drag and drop a regular long sample to make a clip and do nothing but shorten the length, when I click on it it centers the view in the middle somewhere zoomed to a random scale. I really can't understand why it would be programmed this way because it makes it impossible to get anything done. Why doesn't it zoom to the start/end of the clip? Why doesn't it remember what the clip zoom view was from the last time the clip was clicked into?

I am going to have to go back to Live unless there's some way to fix this.

BTW I find zooming in bitwig could be much better. Programs like reaper, adobe audition, sony vegas and google maps do it much more intuitively by just using the mouse wheel to scroll. Having to click and drag the mouse perfectly vertically each time without going side to side is a lot more work.

Please send stuff like this (it "could be a bug") to - you can attach screenshots or even better screencasts to that mail.


  — (Oct 14 '15 at 15:10) riot ♦♦

Please hold Ctrl-Alt to zoom with the mouse wheel.


answered Nov 04 '15 at 17:59 by riot ♦♦ (1.7k)

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