asked Oct 13 '15 at 10:03 by dofosho (11)

While building a project I'm able to get Bitwig to talk to Reason perfectly with JACK. By this i mean I'm able to send midi from Bitwig to Reason and have Reason send audio back to a Bitwig channel. My issue is that while trying to export audio from the Master bus in Bitwig it does not seem to capture audio from Reason like it did while i was playing. A rendered audio file will have all instruments except tracks with sounds that come from Reason, as they are not audible in the final mixdown. Is there a trick to this or is the recommendation to record audio from Reason prior to mixdown? I would prefer not to do that. I'm using 1.2 on Mac.

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answered May 13 at 07:01 by hungrysir (5)

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