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I have a few request regarding the GUI of Bitwig Studio.

Could you please consider to not have the touch-screen lemur like slider on the channel and tracks and please add a real nice looking slider/fader? Currently It looks the same on tracks and channels, on instruments, and on effects. It's easier to be more precise with sliders/faders when editing. It would also be nice to see some more colours then orange on the sliders for instruments and effects, especially if they are for different functions.

Why is it that Bigwig Studio is using it's own cursors and not the OS default ones? I am on a Mac, and I don't really like the larger white Windowsy ones it uses. Would it be possible to use the OS default ones?

I also noticed that the Windows version of Bitwig Studio seems to have dropshadow around the rolldown menus, it looks nicer and more polished, and more inline with the rest of the GUI. On the Mac version however, the rolldown menus are all flat for some reason. Is this a bug?

I would also be nice to see a bigger LCD, and have it more in the middle like how it is in Logic Pro X. More information could be shown in the display as well, maybe multicore usage etc.

It would also be nice to have the transport buttons and cursor buttons spread out under the display if no more buttons are planned there. I think that would look much nicer and slim down the top. I would also like to be able to right-click the mouse to select the edit tools, and maybe even more, instead of having to use just keyboard shortcuts, or moving the mouse all up to the menu and select another tool.

I almost forgot! When I save a template with a prefered setup with dual screens, it does not show once I open Bigwig Studio. The other window is just ontop of the other on one screen, the left one. I also wish it was possible to edit, or move around, or remove, some parts of what is shown on the second window that is not necessary on the second screen. I really prefer to have the mixer view on the second screen, but I might not want the LCD, transport buttons, tools etc there. Will it be possible to customize this later on and save it properly in the starup template?

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