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I'm curious if there are plans to add settings/options on the Scene level (like in the Inspector Panel) for modifying the current Tempo & Time Signature (not just temporary automation via dummy clip on the Master Channel). Also, if there are plans to allow Time Signature automation (as on a dummy clip on the Master Channel, like we can currently do for Tempo).

FYI, I'm currently using Bitwig's workaround of creating a dummy clip on the Master channel that allows for Tempo automation, which is definitely a useful feature but it's not a permanent Tempo change. The awkward part is that as soon as the Tempo dummy clip stops, the tempo goes right back to the previous tempo. So, in order to keep the Tempo at the newly automated bpm, you have to either loop it and NOT Launch any other Scenes without that clip on the Master Channel OR make sure you copy that specific looped Tempo dummy clip to each appropriate Master Channel.

Lastly, if anyone has come up with convenient ways to make Time Signature changes while playing live, I'd greatly appreciate the feedback! My challenge is that awkward 5 or so seconds of dead silence between songs while I change the Time Signature and then launch the next Song's first Scene. Luckily I'm not doing any songs currently with multiple Time Signatures, so I don't have to worry about that at the moment. FYI, I'm a keyboard player and I use an APC40 and Nektar Panorama P6 when I play live, if that helps with your feedback.

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