asked Oct 22 '15 at 07:58 by dharit (81)


Say I'm editing the gain expression in the detail editor for an audio clip. I'm drawing envelopes for the gain values, and I'd like to copy/paste the envelopes I've drawn. Currently, Bitwig only supports copy/paste-ing audio event regions and not the envelopes alone. In other words, if I select some nodes in the gain envelope, copy, then paste somewhere else, Bitwig copies the region of the audio event that I selected and inserts it as a new audio event at the paste location.

The analog of this in Ableton is the "copy envelope" or "duplicate envelope" command when editing clip envelopes.

I've gone through the manual, but it seems that Bitwig is missing this feature. Or am I missing something?

Running OSX 10.9.5, Bitwig 1.3 by the way.


answered Oct 22 '15 at 08:18 by dharit (81)

Is this possible nowadays? Having the same problem here...


answered Apr 13 '18 at 06:49 by gpalmer (111)

I was also looking for this very basic function and could not believe that it is not possible to copy/duplicate/paste any clip-specific envelopes (pitch, pan, volume...).

Really really hope that Bitwig will add this soon (next update please), as this seems a huge oversight of a very basic feature.

Regards, Amer


answered Jun 27 '18 at 09:56 by Fisto (11)

Hello?? I still have this problem. Can we please have an answer? very annoying.


answered Apr 27 at 21:31 by bredo (11)

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