asked Oct 25 '15 at 00:24 by MJ (501)

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Hi Guys ! This one is a love killer for me :

When Loading Samples in the Drum Machine ... Lets say I'm loading a KICK in Slot C3 ... Then ... I wish to continue, loading a snare FROM THE SAME FOLDER / SOUNDBANK in the slot D3 ... (which is often the situation for most producers, yes ?) ...

So I clic on + and I'm opening the browser again for slot D3 ... and ... OMG ... I have to navigate AGAIN to the same folder ???... The Browser does not remember where I was ?

Again, I agree!


answered Oct 25 '15 at 01:17 by Antuan (693)

Thank you for the +1

Anyone else annoyed by this, please comment and leave a +1 (so we can have those Requests validated sooner)



answered Oct 25 '15 at 02:57 by MJ (501)

Hi MJ, AFAIK requests must be sent through the support form.

I'll second your request because I think it makes sense, but for this use with the Drum machine, I prefer using the Browser Panel on the right, instead of the "new browser". You don't have to reach the same folder again and again, plus it allows you to hear the samples...


answered Oct 26 '15 at 08:55 by pakunoda (966)

+1..I also use the browser on the right for this , you can leave it open until your finished dragging your samples.


answered Feb 07 '17 at 00:40 by Mikecakakali (31)

+1. Meanwhile, a workaround: 1) Choose for eg your kick sample 2) Alt + drag (copy) that Sampler device to the next slot 3) Click to change the sample and it opens the same folder.


answered Feb 07 '17 at 15:41 by mgaw (268)

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