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I had several controllers in the past, and i've never (the hell) been able to make them work properly. The best solution/workflow i had, and still have in mind today is affecting my midi keyboard 16 rotaries by hand, by project. It makes only 16 rotaries static affectations for all the project though.

What i would like, to ask the question in the simplest way : - I open Bitwig, i put something in a channel, all rotaries are affected. - I switch to another tool/instru, rotaries affected.

My keyboard is an Emu Xboard 49, Bitwig 1.3.

Thanks in advance!

Yes Bitwig is able to do that, Right click on any device and choose the "Edit Panel Mappings" Menu. Here you can set default paramater mapping for any device, even VSTs wich is quiet nice.

For your keyboard, I would install the generic keyboard + 8 knobs script in the preference menu and see if that works. If it does work then you'll have to add the 8 other knobs in the script. (i don't know how to do that sorry)


answered Oct 25 '15 at 19:42 by Ton-ish (563)

I made my searches since i asked, and you're right, the solution is a combination of both controller script & Panel mappings. I think i saw a tutorial somewhere about setting up your own controller script, as you said i'm thinking about adding 8 knobs to the generic kbd 8 script. Will tell you, thanks for your help!


answered Oct 25 '15 at 20:03 by David_Boura (136)

(someone answered you while I was typing my reply, anyway here's my input)

Hi, if I understand well, you want your controller to be mapped on-the-fly to any Bitwig device parameters that you activate afterwards.

I roughly can do this with my controller (the Keylab 25 from Arturia)... because there is a dedicated script for this. I don't think it is possible just by MIDI mapping because mappings will be static. The Keylab 25 has 10 rotary knobs and the script links 8 of them to the 8 macros of each device, and remaps if I change device.

For example, I put on 3 different lanes an FM4 with the Xylo1 preset, a default E-Cowbell, and finally a Tone2 Firebird VST.

  • if I click on the FM4 track, things are ready-made: I just have to learn the macro defined by the preset's author. Macro1 in this case is LoPass. My knob 1 changes the lwo pass filter.
  • then I click on the cowbell and move the knobs, nothing changes: normal, because I have to define the macros myself. But! The keyboard knobs are mapped to the macros anyway (a message pop-ups on the screen). So I link the macro1 to the pitch.
  • I can go back to the FM4, and the same knob activate the LoPass macro... Back to E-Cowbell: now it's the E-cowbell pitch that is controlled by the same knob.
  • now onto the track 3 with the VST intrument: same case than the e-cowbell, just different GUI. I set the knob 1 to macro 1 which affects "Osc1wave".

So in the same project, I have set one knob for 3 different device parameters, that changes according to the instrument.

Is that what you're after?

Look for a a script for the Xboard 49. If there is not, then you will to write yours with the controller API...

I you cannot code, the game's not lost yet: if you can provide the value sent by your keyboard gadgets (I use a sofware called Midi-OX to spy my keyboard messages), then maybe someone can write you a dedicated script (but it will be difficult to debug).


answered Oct 25 '15 at 20:12 by pakunoda (936)

edited Oct 25 '15 at 20:15

You're welcome! Maybe you can try to open the script and make a copy of the 8 Knobs code lines and change the CCs to your controller. or you can try to follow this tutorial wich is quiet advanced: Easy solution: I have a nanokontrol2 and i'm very satisfied with the script. it has 8 knobs + 8 faders and it works great for device parameters mapping, transport and mixing all for 50€ :)


answered Oct 25 '15 at 20:13 by Ton-ish (563)

edited Oct 25 '15 at 20:19

@pakunoda : that's exactly what i want, and if i'm not wrong if you now use Panels mapping and save them as presets, you don't even have to do anything (only if we can autoload the preset, something i'm not sure yet and that's also a question) About my own script as i said while you were typing ^^, i'm going to modify a generic 8, thank you for Midi-OX, it will certainly be usefull.

@Ton-ish : nice, thank you for the link, i will dig it! I'm also thinking about some nano stuff, like the one with pads, and the you have, very cheap/good!

I'll come back here when i solved it all, i think i have the rights directions, and especially i am very happy to know the solution is right there after a few homeworks ^^


answered Oct 25 '15 at 20:24 by David_Boura (136)


If you're looking for Pads, i strongly advice the Keith Mcmillen K-Board. It's a bit more expensive than korg but the pads are the best i've tested so far:

  — (Oct 25 '15 at 21:07) Ton-ish

Thanks for pointing me to the panel feature, I didn't even know about it! You're right, you can actually be in "autopilot" if your keyboard script activates the panel you need... Mine sets the macro panel by default; while it's great with sophisticated presets, in the end, when you learn how to operate a device, panels seem better because 1 knob = 1 parameter, while macros can drive tons of parameters. If it can give you ideas for your own script, the Keylab maps 10 hardware buttons to 10 panels, the first being "Macros", then "common controls" and so on. This API thing is so great...

  — (Oct 26 '15 at 01:26) pakunoda

I won't work this until a few days i think, but as you're a little in advance with your working controller script, could you check if it is possible to auto-load Panel Mappings presets?

  — (Oct 26 '15 at 12:29) David_Boura

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