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Trying out the 1.3 demo on linux (kxstudio). What a fantastic piece of software!

I've been experimenting with different ways to get sync with all the other music programs on linux. I see that Bitwig can send out MIDI clock via a generic controller in preferences, and I also notice that it can act as the JACK master.

However, the JACK connection doesn't operate quite the way I'd expect. For instance, if I have qjackctl open I see that it rolls when Bitwig is playing and stops when Bitwig is stopped- and that's cool. But based on what I'm seeing in qjackctl (and Ardour4, qtractor, etc) they pay attention to start and stop from Bitwig- and that's it! If I move the playhead in Bitwig, it seems no location information is sent to JACK.

Am I misunderstanding how this is supposed to work? I would expect Bitwig to transmit everything- start/stop, measure number, and current hour:min:sec:frame. It's not very useful if I can't sync up the playhead location in multiple JACK-aware programs.

Edit: I've been trying other ways to get sync, and creating a "MIDI Clock Transmitter" works but does not send location information. Is there any way to get Bitwig to spit out location?

In talking with the folks on IRC #ardour (may of whom work on JACK) it seems that Bitwig not sending playhead location information is a BUG in Bitwig.

Can anybody from Bitwig confirm this?

  — (Oct 31 '15 at 13:31) cbfishes

It's probably not a bug per se, rather than a missing feature. I don't think they advertise extensive Jack support other than for Bitwig itself.

  — (Nov 22 '15 at 01:34) grimus

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