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I find it very convenient that you can bounce single clips rather than only freeze and flatten whole tracks like with the big competitor.

But sometimes you just want to have a whole track with fx baked into a wave file. At the moment to "flatten" with fx you have to create a new instrument track, route output of the track to be "flattened" to that new track, make a clip in the new track with the desired length and bounce that.

For those cases I'd really dig a one step process. I assume this forum is monitored by Bitwig because I don't find a real feature wishlist.


Is there a feature request area? This is a really important feature to request I think :)



answered Apr 26 '15 at 14:10 by Morgan (131)

@Joergwessels, can't you just right click on the track, select 'bounce', from the dialog window choose the bouncing point (pre FX / pre fader / post fader) and click OK? This should create an audio track for you with your sample, without the manual work you describe.


answered Jul 07 '17 at 10:27 by antic604 (339)

edited Jul 07 '17 at 10:27

Thanks for your reply. But please note the age of my question. I suppose Bitwig might have added this feature during the last 28 months.


answered Jul 07 '17 at 17:26 by joergwessels (261)

Hehe, right :) Sorry!


answered Jul 10 '17 at 10:04 by antic604 (339)

Bouncing needs to be seriously upgraded. The fact that 'bounce in place' seems only to bounce or free up vst instruments at the start of the plugin chain seems really vanilla and underwhelming. We need bounce in place with option to bounce all plugs on a channel, plus the ability to unbounce too if needed. Take a leaf out of Reaper's book, it has by far, the most deep and streamlined way of dealing with this kind of thing. Many options in that DAW to render tracks, with or without plugs etc, etc. A comprehensive array of choice when it comes to bouncing/rendering/freezing must be an essential evolution at this point in Bitwig's development. At the moment Bitwig 2.1 is severely under-powered in this respect. Can we address this as an issue please? Thank you.


answered Aug 28 '17 at 23:40 by drezz (11)

edited Aug 28 '17 at 23:44

@drezz, but I think this is a correct behaviour? You have two options: 1) bounce-in-place will bounce the instrument leaving all the effects intact, so this is primarily to be used for when you want to take advantage of Bitwig's hybrid tracks, i.e. have part of it MIDI and part audio. Makes sense that only audio generators are bounced then, right? 2) "normal" bounce which creates new audio track, where you can decide on the place in the effects chain (up to the post fader) where you want to bounce.

If bounce-in-place functionality would also allow to bounce all (or selected) effects, then how would the hybrid track work for non-audio parts? Would it somehow 'remember' to switch the effects back on when there are MIDI data on track, and off when there's audio? What about if the effects from MIDI part overlap with audio (e.g. reverb or delay tails)? What if at different places you'd want to bounce differently, eg. one place with effects and somewhere without? I don't know, maybe Reaper is able to do that, but current Bitwig approach seems fine to me.


answered Aug 29 '17 at 12:04 by antic604 (339)

You need to check out the implementation of freezing and bouncing in other DAWs. It's much more friendly and comprehensive. There are more options. Don't get me wrong, i love the way Bitwig is evolving, but this is an area that needs attention. The bounce in place/hybrid track thing is cool, as is the standard 'bounce' option to bounce to another track, but this creates a whole new track and if one has to bounce a lot it all adds up and can be cumbersome, adding to track count and creating unnecesary track bloat .............but in Reaper for example, one has the option to 'render' the entire track, with or without effects, in place, in mono or stereo, with unlimited undo after the process, there's also the ability do it on individual parts/clips with or without effects, or even just takes.... etc. Bitwig needs something more like this, or at least something with a more open ended flexibility. I use a lot of very hungry processes (Acustica Nebula & Aqua plugs, Softube Modular, Reaktor, and many hungry VSTs) and bouncing is a necessary evil, as is sometimes going back because i changed my mind about a previously bounced process............well, at the moment there is no easy way to do this with going right back to earlier saved versions, locating the earlier audio from that song and importing it into the latest saved project. In fact, if one just saves on the fly, there is a possibility that certain, unmolested pieces of pre-bounced audio may be lost entirely if one deletes them and saves and moves on after committing to a process. This problem doesn't happen in some of the other Daws as the process comes with options and undo. This is an area that needs attention to bring it up to the level of functionality and workflow of some other DAWs.


answered Aug 29 '17 at 13:23 by drezz (11)

edited Aug 29 '17 at 13:28

If that is how it works in other DAWs then sure. I'm only familiar with Live and Studio One which were more limited than Bitwig, but indeed the devs should aim high :)

  — (Aug 29 '17 at 21:03) antic604

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