asked Apr 07 '14 at 06:49 by joergwessels (231)



I find it very convenient that you can bounce single clips rather than only freeze and flatten whole tracks like with the big competitor.

But sometimes you just want to have a whole track with fx baked into a wave file. At the moment to "flatten" with fx you have to create a new instrument track, route output of the track to be "flattened" to that new track, make a clip in the new track with the desired length and bounce that.

For those cases I'd really dig a one step process. I assume this forum is monitored by Bitwig because I don't find a real feature wishlist.


Is there a feature request area? This is a really important feature to request I think :)



answered Apr 26 '15 at 14:10 by Morgan (131)

@Joergwessels, can't you just right click on the track, select 'bounce', from the dialog window choose the bouncing point (pre FX / pre fader / post fader) and click OK? This should create an audio track for you with your sample, without the manual work you describe.


answered Jul 07 at 10:27 by antic604 (28)

edited Jul 07 at 10:27

Thanks for your reply. But please note the age of my question. I suppose Bitwig might have added this feature during the last 28 months.


answered Jul 07 at 17:26 by joergwessels (231)

Hehe, right :) Sorry!


answered Jul 10 at 10:04 by antic604 (28)

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