asked Nov 01 '15 at 16:42 by rmfuhrer (21)

I've downloaded v1.3 onto my mid-2008 Mac Pro running OS 10.10.5, with built-in analog and optical digital audio outputs, and a Balance USB audio interface. All of these show up in Reason, Sibelius and other music/audio apps, but nothing shows up at all in BitwigStudio, neither audio nor midi devices.

I found a post to a thread from March 2014 that suggested invoking BitwigStudioEngine like this:

$ BitwigStudioEngine io-devices "Core Audio"

Took me a little fiddling to actually find the little bugger (it's in ~/Library/Application Support/Bitwig/Bitwig Studio/Applications/Bitwig Studio, not in /Applications as suggested).

Anyway, that cmdline invocation gave me this error:

$ ./Contents/MacOS/BitwigStudioEngine io-devices
Detected instruction set: SSE4.1
Exception throw: Invalid number: io-devices

So I'm guessing the engine's cmdline syntax has changed since 2014. :(

And of course the engine doesn't implement --help or -h to figure out what the cmdline args should look like.

Any help?

Thanks for contacting support, too - this is indeed not a much-suitable question for the Q&A system, so i'll try to help you directly via your support request :)

  — (Nov 09 '15 at 17:15) riot ♦♦

Oh, for reference, the post I mentioned appears here.


answered Nov 01 '15 at 16:43 by rmfuhrer (21)

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