asked Nov 01 '15 at 17:44 by Daniels900 (31)

Hello there.

I am planing to buy a tablet so i can start working with bitwig on bus and in bed ;) while browsing i would like to know about any recommended tablets out there that bitwig team knows about or anyone else. also any specs that should especially look for. for instance i would like to connect a midi keyboard via midi or usb in the future( or any kind of sequencer). what should i be looking for? no android right?

Thanks , Daniel

Well it seems that getting involved with the tablet version of Bitwig using an iPad as medium for multi touch doesn't really translate very well if at all. Might be different if you have an iPad Pro(?).

Well I can't afford either and iPad Pro nor a Surface so I got the next best thing or arguably a better thing if you're not fussed about mobility!

I can confirm that the tablet version of Bitwig works very nicely on the following inexpensive 23" multi touch monitor plugged into your PC.


answered Dec 19 '15 at 16:52 by slackerluddite (96)

Short answer, just have a look at the videos of Bitwig 1.3, so far it has been showcased on Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Go for it (or newer model if) you should not be mistaken.

Longer answer: Bitwig runs on: Windows, MacOSX, Linux.

Android, iOS : no. So avoid any of these tablet. What's left?

Those few tablets that can run the full Windows OS. Microsoft own Surface Pro and some other I believe.

Beside strictly tablets, you can also look at those hybrid/convertible PCs from Acer, HP, Samsung... Cheaper than the Surface Book but not as powerful. And you can try Linux on them.


answered Nov 01 '15 at 22:29 by pakunoda (966)

You can use any Tablet and make an RDP connection to your music workstation. Multitouch also works over RDP. I tried it with an Ipad -> It is too small. So any A4 sized Tablet would do the Job i think.


answered Nov 07 '15 at 09:12 by nukearts (30)

Hey nukearts

Can you confirm that you get the radial menu when using RDP? I'm using the iPad Air as a second monitor to my Windows 10 traditional laptop and I can get Windows 10 into tablet mode and set Bitwig into it's tablet mode but don't get any radial menu action.


answered Dec 18 '15 at 13:52 by slackerluddite (96)


Yes I can confirm that. I was using the Microsoft RDP App on Ipad. Windows 10 on Notebook. But that was a RDP connection. So thats not like a second monitor. While using RDP you get kind of logged of from your PC. It's either RDP or local.

And there are two modes in RDP. One where you control a mousecursor and the direct mode.

Beside putting bitwig in tablet mode I cant remember changing anything in windows to get this working. It was just functioning pretty straight forward.

Hope that helps. br, Ralph


answered Dec 18 '15 at 14:04 by nukearts (30)

Oh it seems Duet Display app doesn't support proper multi-touch. Trying Splashtop Extended Wireless Display now..

What RDP are you using nukearts?


answered Dec 18 '15 at 15:14 by slackerluddite (96)

Cool cheers I'll give it a go!


answered Dec 18 '15 at 15:49 by slackerluddite (96)

Boo I just can't get PC and iPad to talk using MS RDP app oh well as you say about the size of the iPad it's not going to be very functional. Might have to just bit the bullet and trade in the laptop for a Surface.


answered Dec 19 '15 at 10:14 by slackerluddite (96)

I use surface pro 3 - awesome experience


answered Mar 08 '16 at 02:03 by jinek (132)

I can fully recommend Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet with i5/i7 processors. Absolutely fluid experience!


answered Oct 27 '16 at 23:31 by kresbeatz (141)

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