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Hello, I want recording, but for a few time (2 or 4 measures) to make some loops. But I ever want stop the song, just record a loop, next another, etc... (it's for some Live)

So, in Mix pannel, how can I stop the recording after 4 measures for exemple ?

NB : I know the Arrangement Loop, and the Punch-out, but Arrangement Loop doesn't stop recording after the loop and Punch-out don't loop play what I've recorded ... :(

Thank !

Excuse my English please, "Je suis Français" :)

In Play menu you have "Post recording actions" at the bottom - set the length of the loop there (eg. 4 bars) and choose "Record into the next free slot"


answered Feb 12 '18 at 09:38 by antic604 (673)

what i do is

punch-in / punch-out and turn arranger loop off.

then i'll set record and it'll record from where i punched in and stop where i punched out. sadly, there's no way of making the clips automatically set to loop, but i'll then select them all and set to loop via the inspector and finally drag them over to the launcher.


answered Feb 11 '18 at 15:14 by zfigz (43)

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