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When will Sysex be supported by BitWig, in any capacity? Even In babysteps. BitWig dosn't need to go all out -- where you can create your own Sysex messages byte by byte, but for the love of Hardware atleast allow VSTS to pass on Sysex messages thru the Hardware Instrument device!

Sysex is crucial for setups where one has lots of (old-ish) hardware that needs to be controlled in very specific ways, and would surely be a a cherry on the cake for BitWig that is that last nudge for users of other DAW's

Is this ever going to be on the road map?

If not, then BitWig is risking becoming just a toy compared to Cubase, and other DAWs which do support Sysex! Please re-think this!


answered Mar 26 '16 at 00:59 by wygonjinn (221)

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That's no good.

I code VST Editors which control Hardware Synthesizers based on the Synth's Sysex Implementation.

BitWig needs to support passing Sysex Messages from VST's -> To the Audio Interface. It does not, and support has said it's not on the roadmap to be added to BitWig 1 or 2, so I permanently made the switch to REAPER and haven't looked back since :)


answered Jun 02 '17 at 17:47 by wygonjinn (221)

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It will be great!


answered Oct 27 '16 at 23:47 by kresbeatz (101)

A module for sending or receiving a Sysex Dump will be a great feature for all users which have midi synths !


answered Nov 19 '17 at 05:29 by Ghislain2b (41)

Sysex is supported in control scripts.


answered Jun 02 '17 at 17:40 by Ottworks (254)

Definitely need at least Sysex pass-through to support the excellent Modulation Processor 3244


answered Jul 10 '17 at 04:12 by chrisfostertv (11)

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